Cub Scouting includes a variety of fun and exciting activities for boys in the first through fifth grades. Cub Scouts do fun things with other kids! They get to wear a cool uniform, go places and see things. They play all kinds of sports and build things, like race cars and boats. And more importantly scouting teaches attitudes and habits that make a young boy a better member of his family and community. And by age 12 a boy is prepared to join the Boy Scouts.

So where would your cub start? click here: Tiger, Bobcat, Bear & Wolf Rank Advancement


TIGER CUB is a program that encourages the ethical decision-making skills for first-grade boys (or 7 years old). The Tiger Cubs participate in the program with their adult partners. The program emphasizes shared leadership, learning about the community, and family understanding.  
BOBCAT is the transition to the next level of Cub Scouting; a Wolf.  
WOLF CUB SCOUT is second grade boys (ages 8+). Emphasis is on character development, citizenship and fitness.  
BEAR CUB SCOUT is third grade boys (ages 9+). Requirements become more difficult and challenging.  
WEBELOS CUB SCOUT I is fourth grade boys (ages 10+) WEBELOS CUB SCOUT II is fifth grade boys (age 11), both participate in more advanced activities that begin to prepare them to become Boy Scouts.

PACK 221 - Refers to all the Cub Scouts listed above. Our group is called a "Pack" and we are number 221.  

To experience the fun, and excitement, you and your Cub Scout will do the following things each month:

•Go to two/one-hour "Den Meetings" (boys of the same age make up a Den) at a local school, church, leader’s home, or field trip outing, called Go See It. Most dens have five to nine boys and they participate in a variety of age-appropriate, theme based, activities.

•Attend the Cub Scout "Pack Meeting" (a Pack is made up of Tiger, Bobcat, Bear, Wolf , Webelos Cub Scouts and their families). We are Pack 221, and we meet once a month under the direction of our Cubmaster, Angela Watts and a Pack Committee. "Pack Meetings" have three main purposes: to recognize the achievements of the boys, to show off the things the boys have done at den meetings, and to provide fun for the entire family.

•Would you like to see the meetings for this month? Please click here: Calendar!

•And there are several ways, as a parent, you can participate. Our Pack is always in need for "Volunteers". Help with Meetings, Fundraising Events, Summer Camp Activities, to name a few. For more information on how you could help, please click here: Volunteer!


There are several ways to obtain Cub Scout Membership:

•To register your son(s), click here: Cub Scout Application.pdf
After completing the form you will need to submit your application. Email: Angela Watts, Cubmaster, and inform her that you have an application ready to join. Ms. Watts will follow-up with details.

"School Night for Scouting" is a membership drive held annually at McCall and Hickey Elementary Schools in September. A representative from Pack 221 will be there to answer your questions.

•You and your son(s) are welcomed to attend one of our meetings. For date, time and authorization to attend, please email the Cubmaster and leave your name and telephone number. Someone from our Pack will contact you soon. Please email: Angela Watts, Cubmaster

•If you see a Cub Scout in uniform, we encourage you to ask him about the scouting program.

•To learn more, go online: Join Scouting


Overall, Pack 221 works together to obtain income. Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has pre-approved money-earning projects, such as popcorn sales, that help provide the funds needed to pay for earned badges, awards, and supplies, etc. However, there are a few expenses in order to get started, such as, Cub Scout Registration a Cub Scout Handbook and an official Cub Scout Uniform.

For more details, click here: Who Pays For Scouting?

The uniform is an important part of the scouting program. It identifies the boys and gives them a sense of belonging to their Den, their Pack and the Boys Scouts of America (BSA).

•All boys take great pride in wearing their uniform and should wear it to all Den Meetings, Pack Meetings, and special Pack Activities.

• To find your official uniform for your Cub Scout, go online to: Scout Stuff

• Uniforms can be purchased new or they can be second hand.

• To find resources for new or second hand uniforms, click here: Links!

Parents, leaders and organizations work together to achieve the 10 purposes of Cub Scouting:
  1. Character Development
  2. Spiritual Growth
  3. Good Citizenship
  4. Sportsmanship and Fitness
  5. Family Understanding
  6. Respectful Relationships
  7. Personal Achievement
  8. Friendly Service
  9. Fun and Adventure
10. Preparation for Boy Scouts


On my honor I will do my best
   To do my duty to God and my country
      and to obey the Scout Law;
   To help other people at all times;
   To keep myself physically strong,
      mentally awake, and morally straight.

In spite of turmoil at home and abroad, millions of American boys identified themselves with this Boy Scout Handbook. In it, they found permanent values. Those boys are now grown men who are beginning to exercise leadership roles throughout America.
©1965 BOYS SCOUTS OF AMERICA NJ No. 3227 Printed in U.S.A. 7th Edition. This book, based on the experience of the Boys Scouts of America in the U.S.A. since it founding in 1910, was developed under T.Watson, Jr., President and J. Brunton, Jr., Chief Scout Executive. 4,375,000 copies sold.

A Scout is:
Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful,
Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient,
Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean and Reverent.


Boy's Life is the official youth magazine of the Boy Scouts of America. Go online: Boy's Life Magazine

Scouting is a family magazine that offers editorial content that is a mixture of information and inspiration, designed to assist scouts, parents and leaders in strengthening their families and pack. The online magazine is FREE, updated monthly, loaded with valuable tips and offers web exclusives. Go online: Scouting Magazine



•SEPTEMBER• "School Night for Scouting" is an annual membership drive held at McCall and Hickey Elementary Schools.

"Fall Camporee" Boy Scout troops camp together and compete in games of Scouting Skills.

"Cuboree" All Packs come together for an awesome Saturday full of activities and an overnight camp out.

"Webelos Woods"The emphasis of the weekend is Scout skills and an introduction to Boy Scout programming and methodology.

"Winter Camp" A week long camp to work on merit badges.

•FEBRUARY• "Scouting for Food" Cub Scouts collect canned goods for their local food pantries. Scouts from across the USA join together for click here: A Good Turn for America.

"Tree Planting" Scouts plant thousands of trees locally.
"Pinewood Derby" Cub Scouts create their own racing cars from a block of wood, then race their cars with their friends!

"Blue & Gold Banquet" Annual party celebrating each boy's accomplishments.

•MARCH• "Fishing Derby & Family Camp out"


"Spring Camporee" Scouts come together for fun, competition and fellowship.

"Circle Ten Scout Show" Over 20,000 people attend Circle Ten Council's Scout Show each year. Be a part of this exciting event!

•JUNE• "Cub Scout Day Camp" A full week of 'Cubs N Bugs' activities at Camp Wisdom from 9am to 4pm. Click here for a map: Camp Widsom.pdf

Boys Scout Troops attend a week-long summer camp away from home to work on advancement and merit badges.

Various Pack summer activities.

The Scout Camp Programs will give your son(s) the opportunity to meet achievements for his respective rank as a Wolf, Bear, or Webelos. He will gain fellowship with new friends, meet the requirements for sports belt loops, release all of that stored up energy, more importantly, have a good time.

• C.U.B.E.
A day of fun and activities for Tigers, Wolves, Bears, and parents. This event gives the boys the opportunity to enjoy Archery, BB Guns, Games, Leather craft, and so much more! It is designed as a Cub and parent outdoor experience and is provided by the local district.

An overnighter for Cub Scouts. It is a fun-filled night with games, crafts, movies, food, and some sleep. Normal times run from 7 pm until 8 am.

An outdoor camping experience for Webelos and parents. The emphasis of the weekend is Scout skills and an introduction to Boy Scout programming and methodology. Boy Scouts actually teach and interact with Webelos.

Each of Circle Ten's districts provide exciting, theme-oriented day camps that may include pirates, circus, space adventures, Indian legends, wild west, and others. Most camps will have archery and BB guns with certified instructors, arts and crafts, nature, games, patriotic openings and closings, plus many other activities for your son. All camps will have a National Camp School certified Camp Director and Program Director, plus a member of the Circle Ten Council professional staff at the camp at all times to provide a safe camp environment and a well rounded program.

The Cub Scout Academics and Sports program is a supplemental enrichment program that complements the existing Cub Scout program. The Academics subjects and Sports activities allow boys to learn new techniques, increase scholarship skills, develop sportsmanship-and have fun. Boys participating in the program will be recognized for enjoying teamwork, developing physical fitness, and discovering and building new talents. The Academics and Sports program encourages a boy to do his best.